• White Stretch Lace Short Dress
White Stretch Lace Short Dress
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White Stretch Lace Short Dress Miss California

95.40 ₺ 159.00 ₺

Product Details

  • White Stretch Lace Short Dress. It is produced from Lycra Flexible Lace Fabric. It is lined and does not show the inside. Shipped same day.

  • Fabric type: Lace fabric.
  • Size style: It is flexible size and is compatible with S/M sizes.
  • Shipping process: Domestic same day shipping. Overseas orders within 48 hours.
  • Sleeve type: Medium sleeve.
  • Collar style: V collar.
  • Skirt type: Mini.
  • Style dress: This dress, which is preferred by women who love today's fashionable clothes, will add elegance to your elegance with its modern and stylish design.

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